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Group Farm Visits Scheduled Farm Visits

Set up a farm visit for your group.

Walk into the world of llamas at your own leisurely pace. We’ve hosted numerous day-care groups, school groups, scouting groups and homeschool groups. Plan for your scheduled visit to last 1.5–2 hours. We do lots of hands-on activities, including petting, leading and going for trail hikes. All ages and abilities are welcome!

A typical group farm visit will be scheduled between 8:30am and 5pm.  We can book a morning visit and an afternoon visit. We schedule visits 7 days a week.


Lots of hands-on llama fun

  • Visit with the llamas
  • Take a llama for a walk or trail hike
  • Lots of hands-on llamas
  • Mingle with llama babies


  • $175 and up (per group) depending on number and median age of your group.
  • Contact Us to schedule a farm visit for your group.