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Rick and Zoro

Llama Hugs! 

Lead a llama, hug a llama, yoga with llamas—we guarantee you’ll be smiling! Visit llamas at our farm, join a llama summer camp, enroll in the adopt-a-llama program or schedule a llama inspired birthday party at the farm. We can bring our llamas to your special event or classroom. We also offer llama therapy visit opportunities. 

Yoga Man Hugging a Llama

Llama Birthday Parties

Llama Farm Visits

Llama Therapy Visits

Meet Ashley & Evan!

Rick Carlson, the llama whisperer, has retired but… the Carlson “Kids,” Ashley and Evan, are carrying on the fun at the family farm. All contact information will remain the same!

Evan, Rick and Ashley Carlson

2021 Llama Birthday Parties Voted #1 BEST PLACE FOR CHILDREN'S PARTY

Waconia Patriot “Best of Section”

Our children’s birthday parties are unique, natural, meaningful and fun. The experience will create fond memories for your child and their friends for years to come. Book your party online!

2021 Llama Camps Voted #1 BEST PLACE FOR SUMMER CAMP

Waconia Patriot “Best of Section”

Registration for 2021 Llama Camps will open February 1st at 7am. Camp dates are June 8, 9, 10,  and June 15, 16, 17, and June 21, 22, 23. Camp times are 9AM to 2PM. Cost is $225 per person.  

Plan early! Llama camps posted February 1st, 2020 were full by noon.


Llama Outings & Therapy We bring our llamas to your location or event

We bring llamas to your classroom, community event or private event. We also schedule llama therapy visits at your location. Schedule a Llama Outing.

Cria (Llama Babies)

We have llama babies in the spring of the year (April and May). Llama babies are up and walking shortly after birth.  Follow us on Facebook, we always post new baby pictures! Set up a farm visit in springtime to mingle with them.

Need Gift Ideas? All Things Llamas!

Check out our yarn, wool, raw wool and wool products, T-shirts, stuffed llama toys, notecards, socks, etc. We have new processes with new fibers coming in periodically. All of our yarn is natural and from individual llamas.

We also have Llama Compost. Llama compost has a high nutrient value. It is an extremely good garden and plant fertilizer and it is low odor.


Llovable Llamas at Large Minnesota Zoo 2021

20 of our llamas will be at the MINNESOTA ZOO again this year, from late May through Labor Day at the Llama Trek Exhibit. The exhibit is in the old kangaroo area and offers visitors an interactive experience.
More Llamas at Large


Feel the Smile! Voted #1 BEST PLACE FOR YOGA

Waconia Patriot “Best of Section”

Llama Yoga

Carlson’s Llovable Llamas
8380 County Rd  10 East,
Waconia MN 55387

Direction Alert

Apple Maps will send you to the wrong location if you don’t include “East” or “E” in the address. We are East of Waconia. The entrance to Carlson’s Llovable Llamas is just north off of County Rd 10 on Nelson’s Cartway. Parking on the right.