Carlson Llovable Llamas 4-H Project Winners Every Year

We will be hosting the 4-H Llama Project in 2020 but not running/managing it.

The Carlson Llovable Llama 4-H project grew from a dozen participants in 2001 to more than ninety kids in 2019.

The 4-H project includes educational presentations and lots of hands-on time with the llamas. The big yearly goal for the kids is to show their llamas at the Carver County Fair in Waconia, Minnesota in August. The kids show-off what they have learned. We also enter our llamas in the competition at the Minnesota State Fair, providing an opportunity for the kids and llamas from other 4-H projects around Minnesota to meet one another. 

  • Carlson's Llama Trailer
  • Llama Dressed in Costume
  • Llama Dressed as a Character from Harry Potter
  • Llama in Bee and Bee Keeper Costume at he Carver County Fair
  • Lama and Handler dressed in Costumes